Brainstorming Blog Content Tutorial from MindManager Customer

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September 5, 2007

We wanted to share with you a great screencast created by a customer who uses MindManager 7 to brainstorm content for his blog. The screencast can be found here and is called "Blogging and Biorhythms, Harnessing Creative Cycles."


2 Responses to “Brainstorming Blog Content Tutorial from MindManager Customer”

  1. Steve Rothwell

    I have just completed a flyer for my business using a similar approach. I put down the key ideas in MindManager then grouped them, added boundaries and restructured under some key topics. The resulting map then provided the structure and much of the content for the business flyer. I’ve posted images of the map and flyer on my blog –

  2. Eric Palmer

    Interesting! I was just doing a mind map for a blog that will be 10 ways to ignite your creativity. And one of the main ways is by Mind Mapping! I use Mind Manager for so much it is hard to list it all. Family and self goal planning, agile/scrum backlog planning, software requirements gathering, general brainstorming, presentations, preparation of papers to name a few.

    Mind Mapping Rocks!