SnagIt Output Updated for MindManager 7

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August 29, 2007

Brian Friedlander, of the Assistive Technology Blog, just completed a great post on the TechSmith’s SnagIt Output update for MindManager 7.

If you’re a MindManager 7 user, you’ll want to have both applications open first, use the MindManager Output function to copy your preferred screen shot and then place the image in your MindManager map. View Brian’s step by step video now to find out how.

2 Responses to “SnagIt Output Updated for MindManager 7”

  1. Stew

    Pretty cool. Though the simplest version of this can be done with any screen-capture tool. For example, I use the Windows clipboard manager, ClipMate, to grab hunks of a screen, then I can just paste them directly into any version of MM.