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July 3, 2007

We recently did a keyword search for MindManager within Flickr and turned up some pretty cool results: photos of passionate MindManager customers, images of creative MindManager maps and templates they’ve uploaded.

Some Highlights: Maps on Getting Things Done, Maps from brainstorming sessions, MindManager Mac templates and customers using MindManager in their daily lives.

We invite you to check out the MindManager presence on Flickr now and upload your own MindManager map images and photos to help further grow our visual community there.

We hope to see you represented!

4 Responses to “Join the MindManager Community on Flickr”

  1. Gaelen O'Connell

    Ok, thanks for the tip. Not sure why your photos aren’t coming up on Flickr, but I saw you proposed the question to your eCademy group. Crossing my fingers for you.

  2. Gordon Wheeler

    Why not set up a community there, where users could share experience and “spread the word”. The two existing communities I could find seemed a little inactive of late.