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June 29, 2007

Be one of the first to write a review of MindManager Pro 7 or MindManager 7 Mac on CNET’s page or find MindManager 7 Pro and MindManager 7 Mac on as well. 

If you’ve already downloaded or own MindManager 7, we encourage you to share your passion for the product and what it has done for you, with others. It requires just a quick sign in and you’ll be on your way.  


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4 Responses to “Call for MindManager 7 Reviews on CNET’s and”

  1. Adel Anwar

    I am a raving fan user of this product. It turns complexity into simplicity. Simplicity means results. Results means ‘more money’, ‘easier’, ‘more time [save time]’, and more fun, which means ‘more motivation’. Notice how one thing triggers off the next above. That is the effect of MindManager on me.

    People think I can remember everything because I became the Guinness World Record Holder for Memory. Others think I can scan through legal material brilliantly because I became the highest form of lawyer/attorney/barrister. People think that making money to me is easy as I create customers instantly. But the ‘truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth’ is that I use MindManager as often as possible to simulate thinking, note-making, overviewing, creative work, instant organization and time-life-management. Once you can do the above rapidly than it is my professional opinion that others too will be able to do this. My evidence? Others are already doing it like my clients at billion dollar petroleum companies.

    In summary: I was asked to write a review. I only give my opinion to ‘outstanding’ product, and never to ‘hmm…pretty good’. 6 stars out of 5. WELL DONE MINDMANAGER! THANK YOU TOO!