Another Winner from our Mindjet “Mapping the 7 Wonders of Your World” Contest

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June 7, 2007

Taking our Mindjet Internal "Map the 7 Wonders of Your World" contest in another direction, we also wanted to share our second winning map from Erik Swett, Senior Accountant.

Erik mapped the "Seven Wonders of the Nerd World", which you can see here:

Erik says: "The inspiration behind my map came about when I was debating the topic of the 7 Wonders of the World with my friends.  I though about what we would debate, then added the idea that it would have to be done late at night.  I figured any argument would quickly leave the realm of Classical or Natural Wonders and de-evolve into Star Wars, music, and superheroes.  I had to throw in some extra humor because I wanted to try some new functions of MindManager and I wanted people to read what I wrote.  I hoped  I’d be able to start some arguments and gain some level of acceptance with the other nerds of the world."

Download Erik’s Map Here.


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