Mindjet CMO, Lisa Arthur, Interviewed on The Mind Mapping Software Weblog

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May 4, 2007

Chuck Frey, of the Mind Mapping Software Weblog, recently sat down with Mindjet’s Chief Marketing Officer, Lisa Arthur, to talk about Mindjet and the upcoming MindManager 7. More specifically, Lisa covers the customer focus behind MindManager 7 (out May 30th), Mindjet’s current business focuses and Mindjet’s plans for the near future. You won’t want to miss this interview, check it out now.

One Response to “Mindjet CMO, Lisa Arthur, Interviewed on The Mind Mapping Software Weblog”

  1. Stew

    Good job getting that MM7 buzz going! :-)

    I just wish there was lots more new functionality to MM7, instead of mostly cosmetic enhancements. I respect that integrating seamlessly with Microsoft Office is a great marketing advantage for bringing in new users. But for us die-hard, long-time MM users, this is almost a step backwards in productivity at least for the short-term.

    My company won’t move to the new ribbon-interfaced Office until at least October, and as a power user, I find it less productive than the old interface, since I’d customized my screen layout for the most-used buttons AND maximum screen real estate for the large maps.

    Oh well!