Using MindManager to Write an Article or Blog

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May 14, 2007

To go along with the press and blogger buzz surrounding Mindjet’s upcoming launch of MindManager 7, we’ve created this special map for writers everywhere. The map can be used as a dashboard to manage all the aspects involved in managing an article or blog.

The map features sections on:

– Target publication

– Background research

– Managing the article itself (from ideas, outline, interviews, quotes, supporting sources, images, drafts and more)

– Administrative details (deadlines, contacts, expenses)

– Managing post- publication activities

Click here to download the Windows version.

Click here to download the Mac version.

6 Responses to “Using MindManager to Write an Article or Blog”

  1. Gaelen O'Connell

    We will be uploading both versions of the map to the Mindjet Labs. Stay tuned. I’ll keep you posted on when this has been completed.

  2. anonymous

    C’mon… if you can’t put BOTH versions (Win and Mac) on the blog post, then you need a new host. It can’t be THAT large. Plus you have the Map Library on your site and the MindJet labs on your site and both locations have multi-MB files.

    If the goal isn’t to harvest email addresses, put it there and point to those locations in this post.

    Agree with the other anon poster — community efforts at MJ need some work (re: MM7 releases)

  3. Colin Walls

    If a file is too big to download, it is far to big to email as an attachment, which is a much less efficient transfer protocol.

  4. Frank Blome

    This is pretty paradox: A file is too big for the web and you have to mail it… 😉

    I would like to have the Mac version of that map.

  5. Gaelen O'Connell

    The map is rich in information, resources and formatting, so it is too big to upload to the blog hosting site, so we must email it. There are also platform specific versions of the map, based on each MindManager product’s unique offerings. This is why we’ve asked customers to specify which platform they are on.

  6. anonymous

    You have a blog, but then you ask us to email you to receive this file. Why have a blog at all if you’re going to hold the information hostage? This is as bad as announcing MM7 and the pricing info without providing information about the new features.

    If your goal is to find out whether we use Windows or Mac, you should simply ask.