MindManager 7: Updates and Promotional Offers

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May 2, 2007

Hi Everyone,

I’d like to follow up on Scott’s announcement of the MindManager 7 release with some additional updates and information on our current promotions for all types of MindManager users.

Mindjet officially announced that MindManager 7 will be released with general availability on May 30th.  


We’re offering special promotions through May 30th to fit a variety of customer needs for:

New MindManager Customers:

Purchase MindManager Pro 6 TODAY for $349 (MSRP)
and receive a FREE upgrade to MindManager 7 and a FREE Jetpack (see below for Jetpack description)

Existing MindManager 6 Customers

Be one of the FIRST to get all the details on MindManager 7 upon its release on May 30th and receive the special upgrade price. Click here to sign up.

Existing MindManager X5 and 2002 Customers:

Upgrade to MindManager Pro 6 for $119 (MSRP) and receive a FREE upgrade to MindManager 7 and a FREE Jetpack (valued at $79).

The Mindjet Project Management Jetpack helps improve the planning and delivery of projects with MindManager, enabling you to work smarter, think more creatively and save time.

Jetpack Includes:

  • A detailed whitepaper with 15 related maps
  • A sample project process with 19 additional map examples and templates. Download your first sample map free here
  • Information about premier technology partners that support project management solutions

Look for more updates and resources to become available at the Mindjet website and we hope you’re as excited about the release of MindManager 7 as we are. Read the full press release here.

8 Responses to “MindManager 7: Updates and Promotional Offers”

  1. LexM

    I was told in email by one of the inside sales team that the ‘buy MM6 in May, het a free upgrade to MM7′ offer extends to MM6 Mac, as well. But when I try to register for it on the free upgrade site, I get an ‘invalid license key’ error.

    What must I do to register for the promised free upgrade?

  2. Stew

    As Becky said, it’d be a nice gesture to offer your existing MM6 Pro customers a copy of the JetPack for free.

  3. Michael Deutch

    Great questions.

    In May – Mindjet is making special limited time offers to customers who have not yet purchased MindManager 6.

    When MindManager 7 is released on May 30th and we stop selling MindManager 6 – Mindjet will extend other special limited time upgrade offers to its valued MindManager 6 customer base.

    Please come to http://www.mindjet.com or sign-up to be notified about the release, pricing and special offers at http://www.globalfluency.com/mindmanager7/.

    We think you’ll like what you see.

  4. Ben

    I’m still not clear on the upgrade price for existing MM6 Pro users. Is this listed anywhere on the page linked to above?

  5. Becky Smith

    What about JetPacks for existing MJ 6 PRO customers? Any chance of a SPIF?

  6. Aniruddha

    Is there a reason for asking us to wait for a month? Previous releases were announced when they were available. I would have preferred to hear the announcement and go straight to the download link. Isn’t this how it was done in the past?

  7. Colin Walls

    We still seem to be lacking with regard to the opportunity to see “the new look and features”, as promised by Scott …