Hello – My name is Melinda Venable

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March 5, 2007

I’m the newbie on the Mindjet block. My role is purely focused on being the advocate for customers. Hobie and the Mindjet team have entrusted me with all of your voices and I’m absolutely thrilled to be given the honor and responsibility. I invite you to introduce yourself and tell me about how you’re using MindManager, what’s on your mind, and any advice you’d like to share as I begin mapping out my new charter.

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  1. Hobie Swan

    I just wanted to thank you all for giving Melinda a nice welcome. I am doing a bit of work with her to help keep telling Mindjet’s story and have really enjoyed working with her. I’m counting on all of you MindManager evangelists out there to give Melinda a hand reaching out into all the nooks and crannies of the blogosphere! Don’t be shy about introducing her to all your fellow travelers, OK?

    BTW: Things are fine at my new job. I am writing a really complex script right now about why people who have had heart attacks need to take their beta blockers. The most amazing thing to me at Healthwise is how many MindManager users there are here–and how central it is to some of their coolest new campaigns. I was telling Melinda that I may end up interviewing myself for a Healthwise case study! :o)

    Thanks again and Go Mindjet! One million people using MindManager! That will be quite a milestone!

  2. Marc Orchant

    Hi Melinda.

    Another note of welcome.

    MindManager has been a life-changing tool for me. I use it daily on both my Tablet PC and my MacBook for all sorts of planning and brainstorming.

    Like Dennis and the rest of the GBM team, I’ve devoted quite a bit of “ink” to MindManager over the years on my blogs and podcasts and will undoubtedly continue to rave about it for a long time to come.

    I told Hobie that he was leaving big footprints behind. You’re off to a terrific start in helping to fill the void by your enthusiastic blogging. Keep it up!

  3. Dennsi Rice

    Hello Melinda!

    Dennis Rice here, one of the founders of GottaBeMobile.com, a site primarily focused on Tablet PC and UMPC news, reviews, etc., including apps that have great Tablet PC support, like — MindManager!

    I am a big MindManager user on a Tablet PC on a daily basis, and enjoyed a great relationship with Hobie, so you have big shoes to fill!

    Check out our site and the video demos and coverage we have done on MM, we love the product. We have also given away a few copies in contests, and it is always a much sought after prize!

    Look forward to corresponding with you.

    Dennis Rice

  4. Charles Anderson

    Hi Melinda, Welcome

    I am a MindManger user/customer working with the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District (SMAQMD). I am using MindManger in the development of the region’s 8-hour Ozone Attainment Demonstration Plan. I am also using it for other project management tasks. I was a beta tester for the Mac version of MindManger as well. Recently, I participated at a PMI meeting in Sacramento with Hank Bryson and Matt Mansinne touting the benefits and capabilties of MindManger. It is a fantastic application and I am looking forward to more enhancements and improvements of the product (especially for the Mac OS).

    Regards – Charles

  5. Noah VanLoen

    Hi Melinda – welcome aboard. I’m a MM user in the IT Consulting and Project Management space. I’ve been using MM for a while now, and really like the way it supports my brainstorming/planning processes, as well as the integration with MS Office/Outlook.

    Suggestions for product improvement areas would target increasing support for project management tasks – make it easier to put together project outlines, timelines, resource forecasts, etc. _within MM_ instead of having to do an export to MS Project everytime. One of your competitors is doing this now, and their functionality in this area is quite impressive. Email me if you want details…maybe this is already on your product roadmap.

    Good luck – N

  6. Brian S. Friedlander

    Hi Melinda:

    Welcome to Mindjet! I enjoyed working with Hobie and getting the message out about MindManager in K-12 and Higher Education. I do a lot of work in the area of special education and use MM 6 when I am teaching graduate level courses in educational technology. Welcome aboard and I look forward to working with you