Curious about the people behind Mindjet?

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March 8, 2007

Thank you Brian, Noah, Charles, Michael, and Dennis for the very warm welcome. I’ll send a note to you individually as well.

Coming into my 4th full day, I have to say I’m astounded with the passion from all of our devoted users supporting the MindManager approach and this company. It is very Apple-esque in their early days.

I’m interested in getting to know as many of you as I possibly can, and how you use MindManager, what kind of projects you are working on, and any feedback you have for Mindjet. In return, I thought some of you might be curious about the people behind the scenes here at Mindjet??  

Who are you interested in getting to know? I can get the scoop ;-)! Want to know more about Michael Scherotter, the energy behind Mindjet Labs? Or how about Richard Barber, our VP of Engineering? Stefan Funk is one of our top engineers and he’s a brilliant character. Our team in Germany is equally full of interesting personalities. I invite you to be curious about the people who bring you this fantastic software. Just let me know what job function (marketing, engineering, sales, support, exec team, etc) you’d like to know more about and I’ll give you the insider view! Who would you like to get to know first?

3 Responses to “Curious about the people behind Mindjet?”

  1. Stefan Funk


    I just came across this … thanks for the nice note.

    Being now in project management, I’m happy I was able to wear many different hats at Mindjet.

    When it comes to top engineers I’d rather like to point to my colleagues Peter Hizalev and Andrew Mochalskyy, Jeff Lynch and Scott Thompson. These are the guys behind MindManager’s architecture.


  2. Colin Walls

    I’d like to hear about Mike Jetter. I’ve read the book, but would like to know what he’s up to nowadays.