847,999, 848,999, 849,999…

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March 5, 2007

The atmosphere around Mindjet Corp is charged with extra-high voltage as the company gets closer to the one-millionth license sold milestone. The official count is at 850,000 software licenses, including a surge of 200,000 in 2006. Wages around the water cooler are being bet on when we will reach the one-million mark. When do you think it will be?

One Response to “847,999, 848,999, 849,999…”

  1. Michael Vu

    Congratulations! You guys deserve it. As a long time fan of Mind Manager, I’m very happy for you guys.

    I hope you guys have an online version in the works, don’t let guys like:


    beat you to it. You guys are the mind map kings, rock the web 2.0 world. Let me in your beta if you do. =P