Best things to do in San Francsico

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December 18, 2006

The Tranny shack. The Beach Chalet. Mundane Journeys with a Vietnamese sandwich.

There’s a lot more to San Francisco than you’ll find in most tourist guides. To help Macworld 2007 visitors see the "other" San Francisco, we need you to help us build…THE BEST LIVE, INTERACTIVE UNDERGROUND MAP of “Baghdad by the Bay.” 

Help us help visitors to Macworld 2007 discover the other, less-visited side of the city. The cooler, the more obscure—the better! Mindjet will be introducing MindManager 6 Mac at Macworld for the first time. We want to celebrate the event by sharing a very special map with Macworld visitors. We’ve just started to build a list of not-normal things to do in San Francisco (also Mindjet’s home!). Help us complete the map before the show, so we can a hidden San Francisco with Macworld attendees. You might even win something for your altruism.  

It’s simple: just use MindManager [either on your PC or your Mac] to brainstorm your most creative, “off the beaten path” SF tour-guide tips and send them to: Then watch the map grow everyday on the Mindjet Blog as we collaboratively build the map.

We know all about walking through Chinatown and climbing up Coit Tower. We want to hear about the places most tourists DON”T go (maybe where they don’t DARE go). Don’t live in San Francisco but will be traveling here for Macworld? There are lots of online guides to get you started.

The most creative idea wins you a free copy of MindManager 6 Mac (a $229 value) or MindManager Pro 6 (a $349 value) to give to a friend, coworker…maybe even some burned-out hippie you’ll meet on the streets of Haight-Ashbury.  
Visit Mindjet at Macworld (booth #S2432) by using this free exhibit hall pass to get a digital copy of the completed map – then start exploring the “other” San Francisco.

Get your ideas in early (as we will reward the best ideas—and the first ones to get them in can claim them). We will keep building the map right up to Janauary 5th, 2007. Good luck and we look forward to seeing you at Macworld 2007.

3 Responses to “Best things to do in San Francsico”

  1. Hobart Swan

    “Baghdad by the Bay” is actually a phrase coined fifty or so years agon by Herb Caen, that incredible chronicler of all things San Francisco. I quote Mister at

    “After initially writing sports, Caen became known in all corners of the City for his man about town column, It’s News to Me, which debuted on July 5, 1938. He continued to chronicle the City for 58 years, guided by his instincts, his daily deadline, and his love for San Francisco. With a front seat at the epicenter of the City’s politics and society, the town belonged to him and him to it. There wasn’t a coming or going by a man, woman, or natural phenomenon here that wasn’t observed by Caen…”

    Caen wrote “Baghdad 1951″ as a “Caen paen” to San Francisco — long before the Gulf War. Our use of the phrase was just to harken back to San Francisco’s colorful past (and maybe with a bit of irony about how the world has changed since then).

    Having said all that…thanks for the Yank Sing tip. Great dim sum (love those sesame balls and custards for dessert!) They also have the location at 49 Stevenson Street between 1st and 2nd just south of Market.

  2. Sgt. Carter

    Hey, what is up with the “Baghdad by the Bay” comment? Been to Baghdad? Been to San Francisco? Do you know the difference? I’d think that was some sort of hyper liberal typically ignorant and sheltered Berkely speak if I did not love MindJet so much.

    For a great spot, assuming you are not taken out by a sniper in the “Baghdad by the Bay” go to Yank Sing in the Rincon center. With out a doubt the best Dim Sum outside of Hong Kong. (Which by the way is on a bay of sorts…)

  3. Anna Johnson

    Ooo, speaking of Vietnamese, you can’t forget a Mindjet favorite – Sai’s Restaurant on the corner of Washington and Sansome. And then there’s my personal favorite – Cordon Bleu on California near Polk. Don’t let the name fool you. You won’t find any uppity newfangled Vietnamese/California cuisine. Only the basics and it’s a total hole in the wall. Counter service only.