Should images be copied at full size?

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November 29, 2006

Greetings from MindManager Product Design! We’d like your input on a proposed change to copying images from within topics.

Scenario 1: Copying resized images

Let’s say you paste a bitmap image into a topic, and then you resize that image to make it fit better in your map. Now let’s say you select that image (by selecting the topic, and then clicking the image to select it within the topic), and choose "Copy".

Scenario 2: Copying images from a zoomed map

Let’s say you paste a bitmap image into a topic, and then you zoom the map to something other than 100%. Now let’s say you select that image (by selecting the topic, and then clicking the image to select it within the topic), and choose "Copy".

In both scenarios, MindManager 6 copies the image to the clipboard at the size that it appears onscreen. There is a proposal to change this behavior such that MindManager would place a full-size copy of the original image into the clipboard, in both scenarios.

Which option do you like better, and why?

Thanks for your feedback!

16 Responses to “Should images be copied at full size?”

  1. Didier

    Full size.

    But I find more disturbing the fact that images put on a node are exported to power point and not to word and that images inside a note are exported to word and not to power point.

    Is it possible to have image on the node to be also exported to word ?.

    Thank you

  2. Alex

    Full size; resizing is too simple to optimize a case for it. The only case I’d ever make for other sizes would be if I’m pasting into a container, where I might consdier ‘paste to fit’. Since that isn’t an issue for MM, full size makes sense.

  3. Lars Jensen

    “Some might prefer a small image (resizing it downward) to reduce the file size.”

    Note: MindManager 6 always stores images at full size within the map.

  4. Martin

    Copying at full size would offer the most flexibility. The only consideration would be file size within the mindmap itself. Some might prefer a small image (resizing it downward) to reduce the file size. I’m assuming this approach would require a full size image at all times, but displayed at the resized size.

  5. Jason

    Full size. The current display settings have little bearing typically on what I want to do with the image, and losing information in a copy like that would not be something I would expect.

  6. pado

    Apologies if this is slightly off-topic (again) but I fully support “C”‘s view. I too am an MBA student, trying to use MM for note taking and suffer the same problem. In addition, it would be *great* to be able to add freehand drawings to a map as a free floating (full-size 😉 ) image so that you can capture graphs and the inveitable 2×2 matrix “on the fly”. Would still like sub- and superscripts as well!

  7. C

    Full size, for sure. That way you eliminate uncertainty about what you are dealing with.

    However…one of my big beefs with MindManager is that there are no options for handling images at all. With all due respect to someone who commented above that users should not be given choices, I think a lack of options here is a major weakness.

    For example: I am an MBA student and wanted to use MM for class notes. Since our professors usually provide PowerPoint slides before class, it was my intention to copy and paste images of his slides into Topics and then add my own comments as sub topics. This simple idea turned out to be untenable for two reasons:
    1. I have to manually resize every image by dragging selection points with my mouse. With 40-60 slides, that would take about an hour.
    2. The pasted images of Powerpoint slides are somehow add much, larger in .mmap files than simply pasting the same images into MS Word (as meta files). One image in MM “costs” about 300K. The same image in MS Word “costs” only 9K.

    When my bogged down class notes .mmap file quickly exceeded 40MB, I gave up on what I thought was a great idea for taking notes (in school or in business meetings).

    So, to summarize:
    1. Keep images at full size as a default.
    2. Provide a way to resize images consistently and quickly (i.e. the ability to use the keyboard to access an option to resize by specific percentages — see Powerpoint for inspiration).
    3. Figure out why images are so much larger in MM than in MS Office apps. Is it the image format? If so, provide some other image format that takes less space.



  8. Luciano Passuello

    Definitely full size.

    It is totally counter-intuitive to have regular commands do different things based on the current zoom level – it’s only a view, after all. “Copy” should act on the underlying object (the full size image, in this case), independent of the current view of the object.

  9. Brett Bumeter

    An old idea of mine came back to me this morning in the shower. I would still love to be able to embed flash videos (ergo YouTube, GoogleVideo, even Microsoft SoapBox videos) within topics of a mindmap.

    We can’t learn to fly before we can walk and with that in mind if these items will ever be successfully embedded this image size setting becomes relevant for one of the milestones on the journey.

    Users need to be able to

    1. set the size of the image defined by pixel width


    2. Know that the pixel width of an image that they insert into a topic will remain constant (during the insertion, if they want to manually resize it that’s a different deal, but even then MindManager should give them some tools for image properties)


    If we could insert an image, knowing the size up front and being able to rely on that size staying the same, we could create maps with ‘filler images’ (a common web design practice). The map could then be exported to a web page where the filler images could be replaced with embedded flash videos of the same size and shape.

    Make the options set to a standard setting so the average user doesn’t get confused, and provide an easy access to reset the settings to default, but do provide the means to work with the preferences for the users trying to get value out of MindManager, just like the value that can now be had from customizing a map before exporting it into PowerPoint. :)

  10. Andrew

    I think full-size would be preferable.
    When you resize it in MM, generally it’s to conserve real estate in your map.

    You can’t predict what uses the user has for the image outside MM (put it in a powerpoint slide, manipulate it in photoshop, publish to web etc.) so it would be important to retain the original size.

  11. Bostjan

    The best solution is full size and no check boxes. The more options, more confusement for the users.

    (You can always resize the image in that other program)

  12. Pado

    Full size please. And, by the way, can we have subscripts and superscripts in the text please!

  13. Brett Bumeter

    It would be much better to paste at actual size.

    WYSWIG can only go so far and I usually want to do something with the map outside of MM when I take the time to put a picture into a topic.

    Of course, I’d always be happing with having a preference setting (check box ) that would allow me to configure MMPro6 for this in the way I prefer. Maybe the Basic version could come with out the preference settings and default to actual size.

    As images go, I’d be a lot more happy, if I could find better ways to get high quality images exported from MMPro 6 so that I could use the images more effectively in my websites and blog articles.

    Maven Mapper’s Information

  14. Jim Gutherson

    It is much better to paste the image at full size into the clipboard. If the smaller image is used in the clipboard, then it needs to be enlarged later there will be significant image degradation (this was a common problem in photoshop before ‘smart objects’.
    Of course this only applies to bitmapped images, vector files will be unaffected.