Mind Mapping Survey Results Ready

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September 27, 2006

Chuck Frey at InnovationTools.com has made the results of his recent mind-mapping survey available. You can download the results here. As has been our experience, most of the respondents to this survey (71%) said the use mapping for project planning, while 51% said they use it for project management.

Interestingly, 41% said they use mapping less that one hour a day, while 33% said they use it 1-2 hours day. Much more interesting results to be found…

2 Responses to “Mind Mapping Survey Results Ready”

  1. Hobart Swan

    Thanks, Andrew. I should probably be drawn and quartered for not mentioning that up front! :) There was a lot of good information in the survey–much of which, I think, points to the need for us to do more to educate users to the full range of uses of mind mapping/MindManager.

  2. Andrew Wilcox

    What Hobart was did not mention is that 73% of mind mapping software users in this survey are using MindManager!

    I asked Chuck whether his survey was skewed by his strong connections with the MindManager community. He made it clear that he had posted his requests for completing the questionnaire in as diverse a set of communities as possible.

    Well done Mindjet.