Merlin Mann @ 43 Folders Blogs Mind Maps

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September 18, 2006

Over at his insanely well connected 43 Folders blog, Merlin Mann this weekend started an Open Thread: Mac Mind Mapping, and how you use it. There is some good stuff in there–whether you use MindManager or not. Check it out and maybe share some of your experiences with MindManager!

2 Responses to “Merlin Mann @ 43 Folders Blogs Mind Maps”

  1. Karl Fischer

    I’m really Impressed with GUI of MindManager for Mac. I downloaded the Trail and I was Impressed !!!
    I listened to a interview of Scott Thompson on Cocoa Radio,
    I’m impressed with the Way that MindJet developed MindManager for Mac, it blew my mind!

    I really wish that Mindjet would reduce the Mac Pricing …..
    it’s really, Expensive comapred to the Others Mac Competitors.

    Please MindJet make MindManager for Mac CHEAPER !!!

    Any Thanks for a Great Product :)