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June 22, 2006

I’m happy to inform you that we have completed work on a new whitepaper entitled "Mindjet MindManager: A Vital Solution for Improved Project Management". This whitepaper provides an in-depth description of how MindManager enables you to manage projects successfully and provides you with the ability to implement best practices while integrating with your other desktop applications. It’s chock full of information for both old and new MindManager users – regardless of project size.

Download the new whitepaper now.

3 Responses to “New project management whitepaper”

  1. Tom Blossom

    Brett – Thanks for your comment. The snapshot is an interesting idea and we will look at incorporating it in future documentation.

    Leisle – I have asked Support to contact you directly to get this resolved for you.

  2. Leisle Brann

    I just checked out Mindjet MindManager after reading this paper, and It looks good! The only problem that keeps us from using it daily however is that is a very resource hungry application. On our standard issue company laptops for document management tasking – the P4 runs at 38% CPU while MindJet is idle, minimized and doing nothing, leaving little room for the other document management applications we run.
    Could this be a case of MindJet programmers having top of the line machines and unlimited resources, perhaps?

    Apart from that, it looks good.

    Leisle Brann

  3. Brett Bumeter

    As this whitepaper came together, did any dialogue or consideration come up regarding either risk planning with MindManager or with the ability to capture Project ‘Snapshots’ establishing a Baseline, Plan, and Comparable ‘Snaps’ of Project Progress by exporting snaps from Microsoft Project to MindManager?

    Best Regards,
    Brett Bumeter