How important is EGO?

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June 28, 2006

I have been in conversation with Leigh Zeitz lately about EGO. Leigh is an Associate Professor of Educational Technology/Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Northern Iowa. Leigh has just (in May) started the E.G.O. Project blog, and it promises to be a really great resource for people interested in Electronic Graphic Organizers. His most recent post, for instance, talks about the difference between "active" and "passive" uses of EGO.

I encourage you to visit Leigh blog and add your comments about the graphic organizers you use, even if–EVEN IF–you talk about something (gasp!) other than MindManager.

One Response to “How important is EGO?”

  1. Leigh Zeitz

    Thanks for the note about our E.G.O. (Electronic Graphic Organizers) Project. We are just beginning collecting the research.

    Dr. Lynne Anderson and I will be presenting at the upcoming NECC conference in San Diego. It will be entitled “Thinking Graphically: Matching the Tool to the Job”

    I really appreciate your comments on mind mapping and the advancements that you are making with MM.

    Keep it up.