Gnomedex 6.0 – Day 1

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June 30, 2006

So far, Gnomedex 6.0 (an annual "unconference the focuses pretty much on the blogging community) is so much more interactive than Gnomedex 5.0.  Chris and Ponzi have tried really hard to get rid of the boundary between the presenters and the audience.  Well over half of each presentation is dedicated to audience comments and participation, much of it in the form of heated discussion and debate.

Here are MindManager maps for each of today’s speakers.       
Click on the map and save it to your hard drive and view the maps in Mindjet’s free MindManager viewer.

Click here to install the Windows Viewer
Click here to install the OPML editor for Windows

Click here to install the Mac Viewer
Click here for the Map to OmniOutliner applescript (for OPML view)

Click here to download Chris Pirillo’s Opening Remarks

Click here to download Michael Arrington

Click here to download Dave Dederer

Click here to download John Edwards

Mark Canter addresses John Edwards, calling the Democrats to task

Click here to download Werner Vogels

Click here to download Steve Rubel

Click here to download Marc Canter

Click here to download Susan Mernit

Click here to download The Perfect News Aggregator Contest

Click here to download Steve Gillmor

Click here to download Product Launches

Download All Day 1 Maps

The MindManager maps were built live on the screen at the far right.

9 Responses to “Gnomedex 6.0 – Day 1”

  1. Billy Waters

    Cool. Finally a (un)conference in a format I can understand and digest.

    On another note the link to your blog is cool. I needed a button for my undernourished blog.

  2. Hobart Swan

    Thanks for the note about the “exclusive” Gnomedex post. (I hope the short description and, oh yeah, the link, make it a big clearer…)Also the bluedot link is correct now. Thanks for that.

  3. Eric Franklin

    Hey there, The mindmap blog is a pretty cool idea. It’s a lot of fun to explore and click around. One thing, though, your link from the Blue Dot preso yesterday should be to (not .com). Thanks!

  4. Colin Walls

    It would be helpful if you told us uninitiated folks exactly what Gnomedex is. I feel rather excluded under these circumstances and I’m sure that is not your intention.

    The blog would have been beter if it started with something like: “Gnomedex 6 – this year’s meeting of short people – got off to a good start …”.


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