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March 2, 2006

We are seeking Beta testers for upcoming releases of MindManager software and would like you to participate. Your feedback during the Beta cycle will help us ensure that we deliver the highest quality products.

As a Beta tester, you get first access to our products and the ability to influence product development. Beta testers receive free technical support on Beta products.

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Upcoming Betas:

MindManager Pro 6 for Windows
– French language version: starts late March 2006
– Japanese language version: starts early April 2006

MindManager for Mac
– English, German language versions: starts late March 2006
– French language version: starts early May 2006

Please pass this message along to anyone you think might like to participate in this program.

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7 Responses to “Seeking Beta Testers”

  1. Charles Anderson

    I’m in there! I signed up to be a beta tester.

    I just downloaded the trial version for my desktop at work (air quality planning), and could not believe it!!! It is AWESOME!

    I, myself just switched over to Mac Powerbook for personal use, and loving every minute of it. It would be the best of both worlds!!!

  2. Heiko Haller

    I’ve been saying it for years. MM needs to go Mac.
    Believe it or not: The only argument not to switch to the Mac was for quite some people: “But can I use my MindManager there?”
    I’m so glad, that’s settled now :-)

  3. Alan


    Finally the best app migrates to the best platform 😉 I’ll sign up for the beta asap.


  4. Dr. Ken

    As an innovative company that has created such a wonderfully intuitive product, finally it comes to the MAC platform. The blending of both MAC & Mind Manager will prove to be explosive for Mindjet. I look forward to be a beta tester.

  5. ztdos

    Why do you not developing a Chinaese version? I like your product if it isn’t so expensive.

  6. Neil

    Yes! Thank you for developing a Mac version. I love using MM on my tablet, and can’t wait to try it on my iMac.

  7. Phil

    Thanks for developing a mac version, i hope its as successful as a the windows product. Looking forward to the final release,