Mapping Dan Pink

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February 21, 2006

Marc Orchant, a longtime blogger on office productivity and tablet PCs, is now a blogger for ZDNet. His blog today looks at a recent post on Steve Richard’s Adventures in Home Working. Steve has done a nice job of using MindManager to map out Dan Pink‘s wonderful book, "A Whole New Mind." (Dan Pink himself has posted a link to the map on his web site.)

Of particular note is Dan’s suggestion that the four key skills needed to succeed in the world of the future are Symphony, Story, Design and Meaning. I think if you either read the book or glance at the Steve’s maps, you will see how using MindManager helps build these skills.

2 Responses to “Mapping Dan Pink”

  1. Hobart Swan

    Thanks for the comment, Tom. I have to say I was inspired by these maps and am now mapping “Assassin’s Gate” by George Packard–the story the US in Iraq. It really helps it stick in my brain (which is otherwise made of industrial-grade teflon).

  2. Tom Atkins

    This idea is right on track. I use MindManager regularly to outline non-fiction books I read, so I can more effectively synopsise them to people I work with. That’s only one of about two dozen ways I use the software, it’s got to be one of the most useful tools I own and I’m more than a little evangelistic about it to clients, co-workers and anyone who will listen!