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November 17, 2005

When we posted the Research Accelerator on our Mindjet Labs we solicited feedback.  We wanted to know how people would use it to do both search and research.  Recently we added Google Desktop Search and Windows Desktop Search so you could search your desktop computer for all of the information in the various files and systems.  We then got an avalance of feedback!  Our users found the Research Accelerator very exciting but they also found they couldn’t search in all of the MindManager Maps that they created.  A partner, IFilterShop makes a plug-in for Microsoft Windows Desktop Search that indexes MindManager Maps but if you used Google Desktop Search, you still couldn’t find the diamonds locked inside your Maps.

Well that’s too big of a hole!

So, on Monday night, after the boys went to bed, I started cracking the Google Desktop API and by Tuesday I had a working prototype that indexed the content in MindManager X5 and MindManager 6 Maps.   

Using Google Desktop Search in the Research Accelerator

Download and try the free Plug-in for Google Desktop Search and tell us what you think!

19 Responses to “Research and Search with MindManager”

  1. Michael


    I recently submitted the following to Copernic:

    “I’m an ardent user of mindjet’s excellent mindmanager pro 6. They have recently created a small addin so mindmanger files are indexed. Can the mindmanager file types (mmap etc) be referenced in the document search filter AND a real preview of the Mind manager file.

    I’m a firm believer in the Copernic product from way back – using (and buying) copernic agent. This desktop file indexing search rocks and it compliments the information organisation powers of mindmanager.

    I’d be interested in your thoughts.”

    I’ll let you know the response.


  2. Michael Scherotter

    I have sent a question about that exact issue (adding .mmap to the refine search)to Copernic on Monday and have yet to get a reply for it. Why don’t you send them a note as well. 😉

  3. Stephan


    still, having Mindmaps in Copernic is _extremely_ nice. Thanks, works great. Only drawback is that in the “Refine Search” box in Copernic, I cannot select mmap files. But this is a minor thing…

    Thanks so much!


  4. Michael Scherotter

    Unfortunately Copernic does not provide a programmatic interface to search (like MSN and Google do) so you cannot use the Research Accelerator to search using Copernic Desktop Search.


  5. Michael Scherotter

    If you don’t want to run the install again, you can re-register it from the Start Menu…Run…
    regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\Mindjet\Google Desktop Search Plug-in\MindManagerPlugin.dll"


  6. Michael Scherotter

    We found that the problem is when the user selects “Everyone” in the installation instead of “Just me”. I It will work if you reinstall the plug-in and select “Just me” in the Select Installation Folder” step. I have sent a question to Google to see if there is a work-around.

    Thanks for your patience,

  7. Stuart Donaldson

    I had been using the IFilterShop product on evaluation, but don’t like the fact I have to buy a plugin to get indexing working here. I am very glad to see you guys working on a Google Desktop search plugin.

    I had the same problem as comment 2 from David Ford. The MSI file installed without indicating any problems, however nothing shows up under Plugins in the Google Desktop Search Preferences, and it is not indexing the .MMAP files.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to get it working?

  8. Michael Scherotter

    Great question!
    I haven’t tested the IFilterShop version of the Google Desktop Search but I know that the Google Desktop Search Plug-in that I wrote extracts the Map thumbnail images as well as the content. My guess is that all three would be roughly equivalent.
    The nice thing about the one in Mindjet Labs is that is a single download.


  9. Rodney Bednar

    Two additional options that allows MindManager Indexing in Google Desktop Search are listed below. These use the same IFilter as used in Windows Desktop Search.

    Option #2:
    IFilterShop Google Desktop Search plugin Beta:

    Option #3:
    Extending Google Desktop with IFilter:
    Download Toolbox:

    Do you think all three method are equivalent? Are there advantages to one option over another?


  10. David Ford

    Thanks Michael,

    I must have missed that dependency on 1.0.25. Now working fine!


  11. Michael Scherotter

    To see Google Desktop Search in the Research Accelerator, you will need to download the latest version of the Research Accelerator (1.0.25).
    (Uninstall the previous version first).

  12. Stephan

    Michael, that’s really great.

    BUT: Copernic and Mindmaps – that’s the missing piece in my whole chain of work…. I add my voice and make a request for Copernic support.


  13. Michael

    Works like a charm 😉
    But nonetheless I also agree with Jonathan and would like to see a plug-in for Copernic Desktop.


  14. David Ford

    I really would like this. Problem: the MSI file seems to install ok but Google doesn’t index (its not listed among the plugins) and there is no “Google Desktop Search” entry in MindManager’s drop down research list. Tried a “repair” of the install and still no luck.

    I am running MM Pro 6 on WIN2K. Any ideas?

  15. Jonathan

    This is great. Is there any chance you might get around to also writing a plugin for Copernic Desktop search? It has remained one of the most popular and highly rated desktop search systems. The reason I keep returning to it (I’ve tried GDS and MSN) is that it is the only one that provides good previews of PDF and many other file types, which is very useful.

    Copernic provides info on writing plugins here:


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