New Research Accelerator version with Windows Desktop Search

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November 2, 2005

If you haven’t tried it out yet, now is a great time to try the MindManager Research Accelerator for MindManager Pro 6 in the Mindjet Labs

We have just uploaded a new version (1.0.22) with Windows Desktop Search as an available service. Once the MSN Search Toolbar is installed (free download), then you can search files on your desktop, Outlook, and Outlook Express using the fast Windows Desktop Search from Microsoft.

For some added fun, try searching for music or video files and playing them right in task pane of the Research Accelerator. 

11 Responses to “New Research Accelerator version with Windows Desktop Search”

  1. Robert

    Hi Michael,

    I figured out why a .log wasn’t being produced and sent you the file on Sunday.

    I hope that you received it and that it was helpful in determining the issue.

    Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do to help.


  2. Robert

    Hi Michael,

    No log file was produced. Could it be because MM6 isn’t really crashing, it is just freezing and maxing out my cpu to 100%?

    When I ctrl,alt,del and close MM6 all is fine again with my system.

  3. Michael S. Scherotter

    I need your help please (and anyone else who is getting crashes)
    1. Close MindManager Pro 6
    2. Using Notepad, copy the text below to a text file saved to your MindManager Directory as: C:\Program Files\Mindjet\MindManager 6\MindManager.exe.config
    3. Restart MindManager and try to enter your Google License key again.
    4. When MindManager crashes, send the file C:\Program Files\Mindjet\MindManager 6\ResearchAccelerator.log to me at



  4. Robert

    I seem to be having stability issues with the new build of research accelerator.

    Everytime I tried to input my google api license in the Options > Research dialog,my entire system would freeze.

    This is a very clean machine too. I just formatted the drive yesterday.

    After uninstalling, MM6 runs like a dream again.

  5. Michael Scherotter

    This is the first time I have heard of Copernic. Going to the Copernic website, I found no mention of an API, the protocol by which the research accelerator or any other application can integrate with it. Either it does not exist or it is hidden.
    Without an API, we cannot move forward at all. As a Copernic user, you should show them the Research Accelerator as a reason to publish an API.
    We wrote an extension for MSN’s Windows Desktop Search because the desktop search was component is free and there is an API for it.

  6. Richard

    Any plans to link to Copernic Desktop search! Not a great MSN fan. Anyhow the Copernic search integrates well with my primary browser – Firefox

  7. Tuig

    Interesting stuff – but can I also do the reverse, e.g. have MSN desktop search find text _inside_ my .mmap files? I use search a lot to sift through e-mail, .docs, .pdf etc, so that would be great!