Great–Generous–use of MM Viewer

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November 23, 2005

At, Haily has posted what I think should win a prize for Most Generous Knowledge Sharing. Using the functionality around Mindjet’s new IE-browser based Viewer (available here), Haily has embedded a map that links to dozens more maps that contain information on a wealth of subjects from Activity-Based Management to Mergers & Acquisitions to Profit Impact of Marketing Strategy (PIMS). It is really quite a staggering example of how you can use our new viewer to share truly prodigious amounts of information. (NOTE: when navigating Haily’s maps, you can always return to the top-level Overview map by hitting F5.) Nice work, Haily!

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  1. Dinos Konis


    Please note that this blog is no longer available. It gives the message:

    ERROR: is temporarily unavailable or does not exist. Please check the address and try again

    I tried searching from Google to find it elsewhere but was not successful.


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