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October 4, 2005

I came across an interesting blog tonight by a Judith Morgan, the principal at DriveDance Coaching. She talks about how she was enrolled in a Coachville program with Dave Buck, the CEO who inherited Coachville from Thomas Leonard:

"The course is called Extreme Productivity and its pretty full on.  We’ve done three hours on the phone this week alone and the course runs until November. By Day Three, Dave was inviting us to do mind mapping…Anyway, I downloaded something Dave recommended called Mind Manager from Mindjet …once I got this down on a mind map with the related subtopics, I got much clearer. "

I have run across a few coaches who have told me that mapping is a good fit for coaches, who help people get a better grip on what they are doing, not doing, want to do, need to do, or are doing too much of. But I had no idea that Dave Buck was actually pointing people to our software. Thanks for that, Dave!

I’d live to hear from other coaches out there using MindManager or other mapping tools/methods.

4 Responses to “Mapping and Coaching”

  1. Claire Raikes

    I’m chuckling away to myself here! I’m a health and wellbeing coach. I use mind-mapping software regularly, in particular to harness ideas and get clear at the start of a new project. I’m also a business associate of Judith’s – together we created
    Judith mentions that she “HATES mindmaps” (or at least, she did) preferring “a nice list” instead. Me, I think in pictures and nice lists can give me a kind of ‘snow blindness’. I’ve been using a program called Inspiration 7 for years now. What I loved about it is that once I’ve organised my thoughts in pictures, I can click on a single button and the whole thing is converted into a nice bulleted list which I can send to Judith (or other people who are more list oriented). Does your software offer the same function?
    I shall have to check it out!
    Warmest wishes

  2. Roger C. Parker

    I conduct weekly teleseminars for the Guerrilla Marketing Association.(Schedule at Each week’s call is an hour in length and consists of both an interview and coaching exercises.

    Using Mind Manager, I typically spend just 10 to 15 minutes a week preparing an advance map of these calls, which are freuently characterized as “extremely organized.” Thank you, Mindjet!

  3. Craig Kennedy

    I have used Mindmapping myself for about 10 years, and MindManager for 5 years.
    I’ve recently been using it with clients for goal setting and last year offered a 6 day ecourse called “Picturing Success. Mapping your Path to Peak Performance”