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September 19, 2005

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Robert Gordon, Chief Executive Officer

“I first became aware of Mindjet about a year and a half ago. Now, despite more than 30 successful years within the hi-tech industry, I wonder how I effectively managed without using MindManager. With MindManager 6, as the CEO of Mindjet, I’m able to manage the company more effectively by creating a dynamic window into each functional department of the company through the new integration with Excel. I am also excited about the ability to use the new Review Mode within MM6 to get orderly feedback to my strategic planning maps. In today’s ever changing business environment, it is so important for senior executives to be able to get a real time concise view of every aspect of their business. I tried and sometimes managed to do that before I came to Mindjet. It is a lot easier to do it now with Pro 6.

One of the most useful improvements for me personally is the “fit and finish” features that allow me to quickly balance and align map topics, and to quickly try on other layouts to see what is the most effective for the particular map that I am working on. I don’t need my maps to be works of art, but I do want them to look polished before I send them around to share information. MindManager Pro 6 makes this last step a lot easier.

Nothing ever happens in a vacuum. Although getting MindManager 6 out on time was a monumental task shared by everyone at Mindjet, we have also used our technology to go from a largely single-product, technology driven company toward a multi- product, market-driven organization. In the past two weeks, we have successfully launched MindManager 6 as well as our new IE-based MindManager Viewer. At the same time we are completing an aggressive new product and services roadmap for next year, significantly adding new R&D staffing and creating new development processes that will put us in a better position to manage the strong growth that we are experiencing. All good problems to have, by the way.”


Mike Jetter, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

“Mindjet MindManager 6 is clearly the best product we ever released. With X5 we created a solid technology foundation using XML as core technology and adapted a more intuitive user interface compared to previous versions. In MindManager 6 we had now time to make MindManager an even better product by using customer feedback from X5 to select new features and areas of improvement. I specifically believe that the 100+ small improvements we implemented make MindManager 6 more productive and fun on a daily base, something that is key for our customers.

With MindManager 6 we followed up with our promise of a seamless integration with MS-Office.

We added a bi-directional link to Excel and added a sophisticated flow chart export to Visio. This means that MindManager now integrates with all important MS-Office applications. We also improved the existing PowerPoint integration to reduce turn around times when creating presentations. Another key area was to build out MindManager to become a solution platform. This means that partners can develop their own solutions around MindManager the same way as we do internally at Mindjet. Solutions can now add their own task panes, control strip icons or business topics to MindManager. This will allow partners to create impressive integrations between MindManager and existing enterprise systems, making MindManager a visual dashboard for critical company information. A taste of that is visible in MindManager 6 itself by the spreadsheet, chart and custom property feature. Those features are implemented 100% “outside” MindManager using open interfaces and APIs. It’s just up to the imaginations of our partners what else you want to show in MindManager maps.

To develop MindManager 6 we adopted a new process called Extreme Programming. It’s a relatively young development process (part of a process family called agile software development) that promised a lot, but we were also worried how it would work in practice. It completely changed our project planning, development and QA process and after using it now for 18 months we are very happy that we did this bold move. MindManager 6 has the highest quality ever of any MindManager release since version 1.0. Especially pair programming and automated testing helped a lot to build more reliable software. And at the same time our release date just slipped for 2 weeks.”


Bettina Jetter, Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder

“Being part of Mindjet since the beginning, I find every major release very invigorating and the most rewarding aspect is when our beta testers and customers provide us with their feedback – such as “Great product”, “You implemented all my requests better than I have imagined”, “Job well done”, “I love the new version, you paid attention to the details” etc. With every new MindManager we were able to grow faster than we had planned. This shows that our customers have confidence in our products and recognize the benefits Mindjet MindManager adds to their professional work.

Every month I create a board package for our Board of Directors. MindManager 6 enables me to summarize our performance and hiring schedule with the excel linker, present Mindjet’s org chart with the new formatting options, link to more than one attachment and send the package to the board with just a few clicks. As the company grows, departments or individuals are always moving into other offices or locations. Our IT department uses MindManager 6 to map out infrastructure and networking plans and then exports those into Visio. This is much faster and makes the team more productive.

We are launching Mindjet MindManager 6 to over 600,000 users at the same time world-wide in two languages. Our internal challenge is to provide stable, reliable infrastructure, connectivity and the best customer service to support a smooth launch and an outstanding customer experience. We significantly increased our resources in the Customer Service and Support team to provide excellent support to our customers and to answer their questions about MindManager 6, the transition from earlier MindManager versions and beyond.”


Michael Louis, General Manager and Executive VP of EMEA, Co-Founder

“MM6 is the next consequent step to get Mindjet MindManager as a standard onto each business PC. The ease of use, the powerful interfaces into the Microsoft Office Products and the integrations possibilities into different data sources are creating a new softwre format and a new productivity standard in our day to day business challenges.

The 3 key enhancements for me are the Excel Interface, the possibility to save attached documents direct in the MindManager file, and the new possibilities the ‘Business Topics’ offer for further powerful integrations into other applications and databases.

A proper management of the launch activities is always very important, especially when a complete redesign of the CD goes along with the product launch. Everything has to be ready and available at specific deadline; proper information has to be given to a few hundred partners and to the product information and the product has to go out to hundred thousands of our users. Just in the EU we have planned road shows in 19 cities, in 11 different countries. Mindjet MindManager always enormously helps planning and coordinating all these activities.”

Francois Lavaste, VP of Worldwide Marketing & Strategy

“Mindjet MindManager 6 is a very significant milestone for Mindjet and for the Mindjet marketing team in particular. Not only do I believe that the product has been dramatically improved – driven by customer input and tested by a large number of beta users – but I am also very pleased to see it carry our new corporate identity. At the same time we launched Mindjet MindManager 6, we also revealed a new corporate identity, new logos and a new web site. We wanted to continue to strengthen both our Mindjet and our MindManager brands and convey the simplicity and power that characterize our product.

The two most exciting new enhancements of Mindjet MindManager 6 for me:

  1. The ability to organize and manage numbers and charts thanks to both the Spreadsheet and the Microsoft Excel Linker features. I can now visualize and better manage my budget, key metrics and business plans.
  2. The new formatting options (text, image and topic alignment options, balance map features, org chart layout feature, snag to grid during drag and drop…). I can now build and publish easily and quickly maps that look really professional. It saves me so much time!

One of the main marketing challenge during the Mindjet MindManager 6 product development process was the scale of the beta test we organized. We recruited over 2,000 beta testers from all regions of the world that gave us great feedback about our new product. They really helped us improve the quality, stability and reliability of our product. To facilitate the beta process, we launched a new beta section on our site and leverage the Blogosphere to recruit new testers.”


Chris Holmes, VP of Business Development

“The release of MindManager 5 saw the start of Mindjet’s strategy to evolve MindManager into a solution that enables teams to work together more effectively. A key element of this strategy was the integration of MindManager with enterprise systems allowing business teams to quickly map & interact with information from these environments. MindManager 5 provided the underlying technology for this to happen – open APIs, XML object models etc – we now have a patent pending for this information mapping technology. To show the potential of this capability – we developed an integration with called MindManager Accelerator for This Accelerator allows sales teams to view customer & opportunity information within a single ‘big- picture’ map significantly improving the way they can plan sales strategies and pipeline reviews.

MindManager 6 delivers the next stage in this strategy. Of particular interest to myself is the Business Topics feature – simply put this allow users to view almost any information type within a map. However it is the ability to program new business topics and connect them to other applications and information sources that is truly exciting. Imagine a single sales opportunity map showing customer information from a CRM system, a Mapquest map showing directions to the customers premises, the latest analyst report of your major competitor in this account, a pipeline analysis chart reflecting the importance of this account and spreadsheet showing performance against the sales targets this quarter. This is the power of MindManager 6 – the ability to bring together pertinent business information within a big picture view.

In Business Development we are working hard to build partnerships that will deliver new MindManager solutions, enabling MindManager users to work with information more effectively while allowing teams to work together more productivity. To help developers to quickly get started building MindManager solutions we are also launching Mindjet Labs. The Labs is a place where developers and power users can download a variety of integration samples. We are also including the source code of these too so developers can kick start their own integration projects. Mindjet Labs is launched with 8 samples and we will be adding more in the future.”


Olin Reams, Director of Sales, Americas & Asia-Pacific

“Mindjet has taken the next step with our core product to help assist individuals and teams make well founded decisions and build intelligent work processes that will move their business ahead. This for me is very compelling, as that has been the driving factor for us in the marketplace over the last four years. By our listening to our users on what makes Mindjet MindManager a useful tool and contributes to one’s effectiveness; and folding that input into Mindjet MindManager 6 we believe that we will play an ever increasing role in organizations around the world.

The biggest change in Mindjet MindManager 6 is that the improvements in MindManager permit an even a tighter integration between the tool and how people think and work. The additions allow people to use more types of data to integrate into the process they are building, refining or implementing. The additional integrations with Microsoft products and enhancements to existing integrations help individuals and teams be more effective day in and day out. This is what I personally find exciting about Mindjet MindManager 6.

Mindjet MindManager 6 is very exciting for us in sales, because we could see how the input of our customers was reflected in MindManager 6. Because of this, the excitement on the team has built rapidly in the last two weeks to the point that we just want to launch the product and get on with the next phase. We have been using 6 internally now for sometime and the sales team has become extremely eager to launch and wanted very much for our customers to be able to share in this enthusiasm. Our partners have recently been shown Mindjet MindManager 6 and their response has echoed ours in their zeal for the next iteration of MindManager.”

6 Responses to “All About Mindjet MindManager 6”

  1. Michael Oliver

    Just Starting my evaluation and am very impressed, I have used Visio and Powerpoint to accomplish many of the visualization goals that are easier to do with Mind Manager. The paradigm is a good one and while I have seen it before in other products in the Knowledge Management space, this does seem to have it perfected, at least as far as it goes.

    My first impression however is that it falls short of being the “killer app” for business for two reasons, one is that it lacks a Business Process Modeling or “flow” option. I suppose the sequence of a flow can be done in MM with subtopics and the arrows can be used to indicate decisions and alernative flows, but…then it would be a kluge and compromise. If MM had more than one map type, with the topic-subtopic you have now being one type and a process-flow being a second type and the ability to have a merged type with a subtopic having a link to a process-flow and all as easy to use as MM is now….then “killer app” would apply.

    Then I would be able to use MM much the same as I do now with the Visio XML diagrams and parse the XML for direct translation to Business Process maps for application integration and composition from services.

  2. Robert Guertin

    Following up on my previous October 4th, 2005 @ 8:25 AM post… let me mention now that I just received by e-mail my free upgrade license for Mindjet MindManager Pro 6… So, I wish to thank especially Brandon, support technician at MindJet who followed up with his directors on this. And also my thanks go to people who listened at MindJet… Thanks !…

  3. SamBayer

    I would love to learn more about how MM has been used to support your internal Xtreme programming efforts. Can we see samples of maps used for stories, project plans, project control etc.?



  4. Robert Guertin


    I downloaded the trial and the same day purchased MindJet X5 on May 13 2005 and upgraded to MindJet X5 Pro on May 18 ( so I paid in all 358$US ) and I must say that I was delighted with the product…

    But since 2 days I am very disappointed with the company, since I received an e-mail informing me that MindJet MindManager 6 was available for an upgrade price of 129$, so I thought to myself “well I just bought the product so I must be eligible for a free upgrade”, and I discovered that had I bought MindJet X5 Pro after july 15 I would have paid 296.65$ and received a free upgrade to MindManager 6.

    So for purchasing the software 58 days too early I would be required to pay 88.53 more than the pre-release promotion + 129.00 for the upgrade = 217.35$ extra to be upgraded to MindManager 6, since MindJet has also decided that July 1st is the cut-off date for free upgrades to MindManager 6, for previous X5 purchasers.

    I purchase software regularly and think that MindJet might want to think again about alienating otherwise satisfied customers (and referrers), and should devise a more comprehensive upgrade policy…

    I have had a few e-mails exchanged with MindJet support yesterday and here is the latest response I got this morning :

    “Dear Robert, I am sorry to reply that you are correct. July first was the first day of this particular promotion. As you purchased MindManager in May, you are unfortunately not eligible for the free upgrade.”


    So the “cat is out of the hat” … what do you think MindJet … I know of no other software company that charged me twice for an upgrade in the same year I purchased it. I think this upgrade policy needs some discussion. Otherwise your software is very good and useful, all you need to do to have a perfect company record is you should make the cut-off date for free upgrades further up in time, look at it from our perspective. I trust you will diligently follow up on this.

    Thanks, for otherwise a great product!

    Robert Guertin

  5. Francois Lavaste

    In response to the comment above,

    Please know that we would really like you to try MindManager! We believe you should because it will change the way you and your team work and organize information.

    I am sorry that you perceive our download form as being too long. While I acknowledge that it would of course be much more convenient to just download the trial version right away (with no form at all), I hope you understand that the information we ask for gives us the opportunity to actually know who the people are that show interest in our product. This is a common practice of software companies.

    Some companies choose to obtain less information at the initial interaction with their customers, others more. Our approach is to ask for more differentiated data first so that we can tailor our follow-up information to your specific needs. If you look at the form again, you will see that it is less personal data we are interested in and more the professional context in which you plan to use our software. I hope you understand that it makes a difference for us to know whether you want to try MindManager for your personal productivity or as part of a professional team, as a student or a teacher, for brainstorming & planning sessions or as a financial dashboard and so forth – we want you to get to know our software in the way that best matches your individual requirements.

    Regarding the protection of your data, be assured that we abide the highest standards, which is proven by the TrustE certification of our privacy policy. If you prefer however to not give us any information about yourself, you can try our MindManager Viewer, which allows you to navigate MindManager maps. It’s for free and the download starts right away. If you do want to create maps yourself though, I would encourage you to take the one minute it takes to fill out the form and download the full trial version – I think it is fair to say that every MindManager who has gone through that process found it worthwhile.

    Francois Lavaste
    VP of Worldwide Marketing & Strategy

  6. quirkyalone


    I tried to download the trial version, but a huge form asking for my personal data was presented to me. Sorry folks, but I just don’t get it. That’s just simply rude. You want me to try your software, or not? I think that it is on your interest in the first place, that I will download and try your software. Good luck!